Blog Post #7 :: Campus Event Reaction

May 3, 2010

For my campus event, I went to a Georgia Southern Eagles baseball game.  April 13,2010, on a Tuesday night, I got to watch the Eagles take on the Dolphins of Jacksonville.  I picked this game for my campus event because I have become friends with one of the pitchers on the team Tony Chisman.  In hopes that he would possibly be pitching this game ( what he told me), I went over to J.I. Clements Stadium for a great game of baseball.  It came down to the last inning when the Eagles were losing by 1 run.  A few minutes later though, the Eagles had scored a run to tie the game and had 2 men on base and 2 outs.  If there is a definition for being a clutch baseball player, Eric Phillips took the name for it this night.  After almost hitting a walk off homerun which went barely foul,  he lined one to the left field wall scoring the winning run.  It was a great first Eagle baseball game for me and has definitely gotten me more interest in Ga Southern Baseball. I haven’t gotten to go to any more of their games this season but I will be sure to go to some next year since a player from my old school just signed a baseball scholarship with GSU for next season.  Even though my friend Tony didn’t get to pitch this night, it still was a fun experience getting to see the Eagles win in such an awesome way.  Georgia Southern baseball just earned a new fan with that win.

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Blog Post #6

May 3, 2010

Blog Post #6

Digital Dirt

Digital Dirt consists of things that someone should not put on his or her social media website. From a young age, I was taught this due to my generation dealing with technology almost everyday. One has to be careful putting certain information on the internet because you never really know who might see it. I don’t want employers or parents confronting me about things I had posted back in middle or high school. A few tips that I have found out to be really helpful to people using social media websites comes from a website called The article titled “11 Things You Should Never Do Online” can be of a big help if someone is questioning what they have put online. A few of the key big “no-no’s” from the website include not posting any nude pictures of yourself or others, don’t give out “too” personal of information, or mock people that you work with. All these types of things get recorded on the internet and they definitely can be used against you in the long run. It is a must to be careful when posting things on the internet. An easy rule to go by is if your parents or family members wouldn’t want you to post it, you probably shouldn’t. Tons of people lose jobs, get in trouble, or lose friendships or relationships due to things they posted on the internet thinking that no one “important” would see. Almost anybody can see those things so you better be careful.

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April 2, 2010

Blog #1 = Hi My Name is Mark- Mark Hoppus (bass guitarist of Blink-182)

Mark Hoppus is the original and current bass guitar player for the popular band Blink 182.  Blink 182 first started in 1992 by three friends out of San Diego, California. The lead guitarist is Tom DeLonge. The first drummers name was Scott Raynor who was later replaced by Travis Barker.  Mark Hoppus has always been the bass player for the group.   The group has has a few multi million dollar selling cd’s and is very famous all over the world.  They went on hiatus a few years ago and formed other bands but after a tragic accident got back together in 2009 and are working on a new CD.  Mark’s blog talks about upcoming albums in the punk rock scene and let’s people know about new bands that he likes.  He also has used his blog to help create his new album with “blink”, he has posted different bass guitar tracks and asked fellow bloggers to vote for which one they liked the most.  He is a very funny person and has a great blog to follow.

Blog #2= Wayne Rooney- Striker for Manchester United

Wayne Rooney is one of my favorite soccer players in the world right now.  He is one of the top strikers and goal scorers in the world and plays for my favorite English Premiere League team, Manchester United.  Rooney was born on October 24, 1985 in Croxteth, England.  This blog is about Rooney and gives information and news on the latest things and accomplishments he has made.  It talks about each game he has played in and gives notes and statistics about his career.   Wayne Rooney has been a leading scorer in the EPL this year and is looked to be a huge part of England’s success in the 2010 World Cup this summer in South Africa. Wayne Rooney is definitely someone to keep up with.

Week of Twitter

March 5, 2010

Twitter is a pretty sweet social networking tool.  I actually had an account before this assignment but I had been lacking on using it due to using Facebook more often. But from using twitter the last few weeks, I definitely learned a lot about how to use it and be productive in using it.  The main reason why I started my first twitter account is to follow and keep up to date with different artists and bands. Most of the bands I like either update a band twitter or have their individual ones where they give out info on different things going on for their band. Also, a really funny comedian Daniel Tosh does a lot of things on twitter that are really funny that I try to keep up with.  I actually think I am going to keep up with my twitter account though because of some of the people I am interest in following.  My favorite singer Ace Enders is a big name that I like to follow. Also, some other famous people that I like to follow are Jimmy Fallon, Butch Walker, Conan O’brien, Mark Rose, Person L, FUN, and a few cast members from the MTV show Jersey Shore.  I probably won’t do as many tweets now that the assignment itself is done with but I definitely am going to keep up with my twitter profile and check on some of the people I like to follows updates. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with people and you can find a lot of valuable information from it.  My twitter account is here……

About Me

January 21, 2010

My name is Jon Adams and I am a new transfer student to GSU. I went to Mercer University last fall to play soccer and decided that was just not for me and it was an easy choice to come to GSU.  Soccer is a big part of my life and sports are also. I like to wakeboard and be on the water doing anything actually.  I love music and and finding new bands. I also like to play the guitar too.